Annapurna Group s brand statement/promise is Your Right to Purity. This promise can only made by a group that cares for the consumers. Since the inception from 1952 Annapurna Group has toiled relentlessly to cater the purest form of food to the end users

This dedication has been recognised by the consumers making Annapurna Group one of the major players in the diary and agro sector in Eastern India. To uphold “Your Right to Purity ‘the manufacturing process in the factories of Annapurna Group are equipped with State-of-The-Art technology and modern machinery. The massive automated factories manufacture the products in the most hygienic way.

With an experience of almost 6 decades Annapurna Group has mastered the skill of producing only the best quality products from carefully tested and selected high quality raw material. The love which we have got from our consumers has secured our position as one of the strongest FMCG brands in Eastern India

This patronage has helped us to steadily transform form a family run business to a corporate entity. Annapurna Group will always remain true to the brand statement.



In 1952 Late Shri Gauranga Chandra Ghosh laid the foundation of the Annapurna Group.

Diary Industry

Being a great visionary his focus was to revolutionise the diary industry in North East. The journey began with Annapurna Ghee which evolved as an essential part of every household in Assam over the years.

Late Shri Gauranga Chandra Ghosh realised that there was an immense scope in the arena of Diary Industry in Assam and his aspiration was to secure the maximum share in the pie.

Annapurna s Honey is another product in this category that is very well accepted by the end consumers. Being pioneers in dairy business Annapurna Group has introduced two new products in this arena namely Fresh Cream and Paneer in 2018. Diary Whitener will soon be another addition in this category.

Agro Industry

Annapurna Group as one of the major FMGC players in the North East. Keeping this core business in dairy products intact he further diversified into agro based products.

From 1999 Annapurna ventured into the arena of Agro Business and presented the consumers with a range of sauces, jam .jellies, squashes, pickles and many more .The all encompassing presence of Annapurna in all segments of gourmet became indisputable

In 2007 Annapurna Group launched Fundaaz the fruit based beverage in variation of flavours from mango to nimbu pani including a diet version.

In 2018 Fudaaz Mosambi Fruit Drink has been launched which is a new addition in this genre.

Fundaaz has been able to secure a high percentage of throat share with a healthy presence amongst all age groups especially the youth

In 2011 Annapurna Group presented the consumers with packaged drinking water and Club Soda under the brand name SPRINT

Gen Next Products

In this era when every minute is precious Annapurna Group with continuous research and experimentation has crafted a ready to Cook range READY MATE

Today s Gen X need options which will give them maximum benefit with minimum hassle.

Annapurna Group launched Ready Mate in 23rd February 2018.

Seven variants of Ready Mate has been launched namely Mutton Curry Gravy,Chicken Butter Masala Gravy ,Panner Butter Masala Gravy,Fish Tenga Curry Gravy,Fish Curry Gravy,Mixed Vegetable Gravy.

More variants of Ready Mate will be launched in the coming months

In the course of time Annapurna Group is planning to include Sandwhich Spread, Mayonese, Salsa Sauce, Honey Mustard Sauce, Pasta Sauce and Salsa Sauce in the category of Gen Next products.

Areas Of Operation

Annapurna Group is steadily increasing its presence in the national market with offices in New Delhi, Kolkata, Siliguri and Guwahati.

As of now products are available in Assam, Bihar, Odhisa, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Agartala, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Sikkim and New Delhi.

Annapurna Group has been able to secure a major share in the Dairy and Agro sector across these territories.

‘Quality is not an act, it is a habit’ - Aristotle


Commitment of Annapurna Group is to cater food products which secure health and hygiene to the consumers. In this price sensitive world where quality is compromised in random Annapurna Group reminds the consumers that quality and health are the primary concern by inculcating the vow “Your Right to Purity “as the brand philosophy


In the coming three years Annapurna Group plans to have their presence across the Nation. By 2021 Annapurna Group plans to cross the national barriers and head for the global market with a more enriched basket of products. By increasing the scope and area of work Annapurna Group wants to create scope for employment


Great Taste. Good Quality. Nutrition.


Annapurna Group‘s primary objective is to fulfil the brand promise of Your Right to Purity. With this promise comes an immense responsibility of maintaining very high quality standards for the entire range of products in diary and agro sector. To authenticate this promise all the productds of Annapurna Group neither have added colour nor preservatives

To reach out to consumers in the Pan India and ultimately to the Global market Annapurna Group s focus is to build a robust distribution network with FMCG dealer distribution network


The Annapurna Group has received many prestigious accolades since its inception for its product quality and brand performance. We continue to make our mark in each of these fields thanks to the continuous support of our untiring team, our ever supportive customers, our associates and our partners. This drives us to continuously strive to outdo ourselves as a company and reinstate our position as "YOUR RIGHT TO PURITY".

Achieved “Excellence in Food Sector” award of North East in the year 2012 from Indian Chamber of Commerce.

Awarded with the prestigious Asom Udyog Ratna Award from NESIA (Northeast Small Scale Industry Association) in the year 2010.

For the first time in Northeast India, ONICRA (RBI panelist) has awarded Annapurna Group with SE 1A grade for its highest performance capability and high financial strength.