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Mango Pana

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Mango Pana is made from green mango pulp which is extracted & processed through automated machines to retain the nutritional values and the characteristic flavour. It is manufactured by blending raw mango pulp, salt, sugar, various types of spices and acidulants. It also contains different digestive & ayurvedic herbs like pudina which are rich sources of vitamin A and C and also aids in digestion.

Available Sizes :

PET BOTTLE: 700 ML, 300 ML

    Nutrition Information:

    per 100ml* (approximate values)

    • Energy: 250Kcal
    • Carbohydrate: 62.5g
    • Sugar: 60gm
    • Protein: 0.15g
    • Fat: 0.12g
    • Convenience: Ready to serve & Store


    Shelf Life:

    12 months