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WondrGravi is one such magical product that can cook wonders in your kitchen. Wondering how? It is a ready to cook solution, a miraculous innovation first of its kind in the world of gastronomy & can create magic in your desired palate in just 10 mins. It is almost 80 percent cooked & hence requires no oil or water to be added, just add the raw ingredient into this gravy, stir & simmer for a while and you are good to go with this tasty yet healthy recipe with high end convenience. It saves time for people on the 'Go' in their fast paced life where every minute is precious, perfect for bachelors & working professionals. It brings traditional Indian spices together to help you deliver that perfect recipe & tastes just like fresh home cooked food. Our technology coupled with packaging keeps the gravy sealed with a long shelf life. It ensures that each item delivers that 'just-cooked' freshness! This is a must have ready to cook food list for your kitchen to eliminate the hassles of everyday cooking. So go & have your hands on this magical product now & make your flavourful palate taste just wow.