Quality & Production


At Annapurna, quality is a way of life at every level from massive collection, processing & distribution network, and the highest levels of hygiene are maintained. We manufacture superior quality products from automated machines, made in state-of-the-art infrastructure technology processing unit. Annapurna has always believed that the kitchen is the heart of every home. It nourishes, cares and brings the family together over meals. Our Brand philosophy is anchored on purity. Over the last 66 years we have silently partnered caregivers from every kind of kitchen that we’ve found ourselves in, with a range of products curated from Mother Nature, which helps us bring the best to your table.


Research & Development

At Annapurna Group, we have a top-notch team for research & development with integrated laboratory set up. We procure our raw materials from the best of our sources, with stringent quality control and assurances for your well-being as we say you have the “Right to Purity”. Our R&D Team is devoted towards making & evolving with sustainable solution to meet the need of every palate. Annapurna as the name suggests is dedicatedly working today to ensure a society that remains content, healthy & engaged for a better tomorrow. We are strengthened by a rich network of dedicated & motivated distributers, who are reaching out to the nook & corners of Bengal. Annapurna the journey of quality, health & taste undertaken since the last 6 decades comes with a promise to deliver you the best of nature’s goodness.