At Annapurna we’ve always believed that the kitchen is the heart of every home. It nourishes, cares and brings the family together over meals. Over the last 66 years we have silently partnered caregivers from every kind of kitchen that we’ve found ourselves in, with a range of products that help them bring the best to the table.

We’ve carefully selected the choicest of ingredients, brought the best of nature together and created an innovative portfolio of products. And now we’re looking for partners who could take our legacy forward. A legacy that will transform every kitchen in India into a Super Kitchen.

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Quality & Production

Our brand philosophy is anchored on purity. With stringent quality standards and compliances we ensure everything that comes out with our brand name is homogenous and in its purest form.The state-of-the-art facilities in our factory combined with the traditional homemade style of preparation ensures that our products have a touch of heart and soul along with the competitive standards that need to be met.
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ReadyMate Wonder Bowl is a range of ready to eat product. Just remove the top foil cover, microwave the magic contents for 90 secsand you are ready to eat an amazing dish. There is absolutely no need to add oil, salt or water.All you need to do is to choose between three delectable dishes in the form of Dal Makhani, Baingan Bharta and Aloo Sabji.
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ReadyMate Wonder Gravy is a wide range of ready-to-cook curry. Traditional Indian spices ground together to bring out the taste of that perfect homemade curry. You just need to add raw ingredients like paneer, fish, chicken or vegetables and you can prepare your favourite dishes in an instant. Just pour the ready-to-cook curry in a heated pan, add the raw ingredients, and stir for few minutes, cover the lid and your favourite dish will be ready in 10mins. This is available in Mutton Curry Gravy, Chicken Curry Gravy, Fish Curry Gravy, Paneer Butter Masala Gravy, Mixed Veg Curry Gravy, Fish Tenga Gravy & Manchurian Curry Gravy.
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