Rozzana Aam Panna

by Annapurna Group | August 07, 2019

The agrarian India is currently facing one of its major & most serious water crisis due to the depletion of groundwater. After two consecutive years of weak monsoons, a quarter of the country’s population is affected by a severe drought& is looking forward to insistent rain to feed the parched lands. With nearly half of India copping with drought-like conditions, the situation has been particularly grim this year due to insufficient rainfall. According to research by 2020, the major cities of India will run short of groundwater level, affecting the lives of almost 100 million people, due to the over-exploitation of groundwater.

Ever wondered what will happen, if we run short of the ‘King of Fruits’- Mangoes that not only brings a slice of sunshine to plates across the world but also makes the entire nation go crazy. So, let's peep into the eternal memories of our sweet childhood summer vacation days& revive the golden past. Apart from the joy of not going to school and not having to do homework, summer vacation brings back one of our long-lost friends-mangoes who comes only once in a year. Probably due to the timing of its arrival or probably due to its heavenly taste, mangoes are strongly connected with good times and nostalgia.

As a child, we didn’t have easy access to soft drinks but summers were an exception to the rule. Some of our earliest memories of those long, hot and often confined to indoor days are of lunchtime, when we waited for our Grandmas prized concoctions called Aam Panna served before us and how we fought with one another to get some more share of these cherished drinks that not only took away some of the summer woes but also helped us stay protected from heat strokes. She always made sure that we don’t leave home without gulping down half a glass of this traditional power-packed drink.

While the mangoes would only last for 3 months, but their memories would still remain forever. Wish we were still innocent, running bare feet in the muddy mango orchards and eating mangoes till our stomachs start aching. So, enjoy the mango season while it’s still here or before they are all gone. Come let’s make a small initiative for years to come to restore the fast depleting ecological balance, by planting a mango seed& saving water next time we think of it, to make the earth greener & more sustainable for living.