Beat the Heat with Fundaaz Lemon Drink

by Annapurna Group | July 15, 2019


If there’s one thing that you must carry with yourself this summer is Fundaaz Lemon. It is the perfect companion for this scorching heat, an instant energizer which will revitalize and refresh you in a jiffy. Made from the goodness of raw lemons, introduced a new generation drinks, to provide nutrient-filled lemons turned into drinks for our consumers as a healthy replacement of carbonated drinks to their lifestyle. This new age lemon drink is packed with the goodness of selective & juiciest lemons to revitalize & refresh yourself.

Fundaaz Lemon brings you the taste and the goodness of raw lemon directly from orchard to bottle. It gives you a feel of freshly squeezed nimbu pani served in a glass. Just a sip is enough to fill your body with energy and vigor, which is a natural source of Vitamin- C that boosts your immunity which is a boon to us, so make it a regular practice. For ages, lemon has been a constant in Indian households due to its innumerable health benefits, as lemon possesses manifold medicinal values for your well-being. Now that goodness is packed in a bottle which aids in weight loss and is also a quick fix for indigestion.

Made through automated machines, each and every bottle of Fundaaz Lemon goes through stringent quality checks and follows best-in-class hygiene practices. The finest raw and juicy lemons have been handpicked to produce this delightful beverage. Fundaaz Lemon is packaged with modern technology and manufactured in a scientific way to keep the nutritional aspect intact along with its distinctive taste.

The drink comes in a user-friendly bottle which can be easily carried anywhere. Infused with the goodness of lemon, this fruity delight is fun with every sip. Whether you are stepping out in the sun or feeling tired after a tiring day, Fundaaz Lemon is your go-to drink. Drink it anytime, anywhere to feel recharged and refreshed. So, this summer, make sure you are always with a bottle of Fundaaz Lemon to have your daily dose of freshness. With its delicious taste sparkled its way into the hearts of people & has become No. 1 in the entire northeast, which is the most preferred choice of our customers. So, we promote health & purity by saying ‘Nimbu Hai Pi Jao’…

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